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Agency Management System

EdMatrix is the best choice for education and migration agency management. Understanding business operations of agencies, EdMatrix brings solutions for agency administrators, counsellors, and marketing executives. Agency Management System provides managers with real-time views of the business without losing sight of the details. Administrators now can fully control tasks, activities of each staff and evaluate their performances quickly and easily.
Agency Management System also supports employees by simplifying lodgement process for education and migration applications so they can improve performance and deliver excellent customer service. If you are the marketing manager, our system will capture information of lead conversion so you can work on strategies for acquisition.
EdMatrix is suitable for small and medium Education and Migration agencies and it is also scalable for larger agencies. Agency Management System is prefered by our clients by its simple implementation, comprehensibility and affordability.

User-friendly System

Forms and dashboards are simple yet integrated to ensure overall workflow with minimum managerial oversight for managers. Staff members and managers can quickly take on tasks, leverage workflow and improve collaboration.

Effective Customer Service

Better information flow enables staff to manage every case effectively, enhance interaction with clients and achieve better customer service.

Agency Management System - dashboard

Branch Administration

Get access to critical and comprehensive reporting on all office branches. Quickly capture each branch’s performance and enhance office network management.

Lead and Client Tracking

Records of leads and clients are gathered in forms, providing end-to-end briefing on each record, making task sharing and work transfers effortless.

Scalable dashboard for Activity and Staff management

A smart reporting dashboard provides the status of activities across offices and keeps you updated in real-time with staff productivity and work efficiency.

Amazing features of our
Agency Management Software

We understand the challenges in digital transformation. Our solution is simple yet dynamic to capacitate you to stay ahead in the competition.
Agency Management Software by EdMatrix is a robust software with purpose-built features for Education and Migration application processes. As a manager, you will find EdMatrix as a powerful tool to control your agency operation and performance of employees, Commission Management function keeps you up to date with agency financial health despite the large volume of records.
As a counsellor, your life becomes easier with all client information and applications stored in one place, consultation becomes easier than ever.

Dashboard Insight

Capture your business operations and efficiencies in one click. With our Agency Management System, the whole business progress and performance are summarized in one page.

Calendar & Event Showcase

Appointment and event scheduling on calendar enables staff to quickly grasp today’s work and plan for the near future. Managers can improve activity control by viewing staff activities.

Education and Migration Application Management

Gather information of all applications into one single platform for the easy tracking and prioritisation of activities to follow up each case.

Commission Management

Streamline and simplify the commission claims process for your agency and employees with our Agency Management System.

Payment Management

Follow up the payment status and notifications for invoices due and outstanding payments. Accountants can locate invoices with utmost ease and simplicity.

Customised Reports

Different dashboard views are created based on the staff profile. All information of leads, clients and follow-up activities is available in reports for staff and managers to analyse work efficiency.

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Agency Management Software Users

EdMatrix features are built for Education and Migration agencies to enhance performance from online lodgement to branch management. Each job role will find EdMatrix a great assistant.
Agency ownwes can access to all operations from home.
Adminisrtators and Managers save ample time in task organising and follow-up.
Counsellors can avoid data loss and never forget to follow up any potential clients.
Accountants are able to check agency income by follow up on commisions.
Maketing executives will find it easier to measure marketing campaign efficiency by lead source list .
EdMatrix brings solutions for agencies in both expansion and steady growth where they commit to efficiency optimisation in digital competition. With Agency Management Software by EdMatrix, you are covered in every aspect.

Every growing business needs to swiftly adapt to new challenges in administration and operations. With EdMatrix, support your growth with a premier Agency Management Software solution.

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