Control And Leverage Your Operational Performance with Agency Management System

Lead Management

Agency Management System enables you to prioritise high quality leads by:

  • Quickly retrieving lead list and prioritising activities for high quality leads. Lead summary enables staff to distribute time and effort with highest return
  • Consolidating file-note briefing during the entire process of each record for better service. Work transfer becomes very easy among team members
  • Scheduling and reminding of appointments. Customisable email template saves your counsellors ample time to follow up more leads and clients
  • The "Convert" button closes the lead process and automatically updates all information to Client management report

Education Application Management

Purpose-built for Education Application Management, our Agency Management System provide advanced tools such as:

  • Customised application form template to record and store crucial information of clients
  • Course and institution enrolment details are recorded and automatically synced to commission and institution partner report
  • Tracking service process through various stages. Users are informed each change no matter how large your client database is
  • Urgent tasks are highlighted with colourful tag function

Migration Application Management

Standardising your customer service process and improving customer relations with Agency Management System:

  • Review visa application summary of all applicants. Staff easily access each applicant’s information such as visa subclass, insurance type, marital status
  • Client’s progress is tracked effortlessly. Counsellors can quickly provide assistance and consultation if issues happen
  • Schedule appointments and remind users of the next activities.
  • Display payment status of each client and manage upcoming due date.

Partner, Employee and Office Management

Agency Management System is a tool to enhance institution partner, employee and office management:

  • Partner institutions list is displayed with commission claim process for easy management
  • Office management report highlights the location, employees and applications processed by each branch to provide better overall control.
  • Staff activities and performance are summarised with reporting features.

Campaign Management

Build your marketing competencies with Campaign Report in Agency Management System:

  • Schedule events and quickly review all current and planned marketing activities.
  • Import information from lead source to capture the efficiency of marketing campaigns.
  • Enable marketing department to inform the whole company about incoming events for better lead acquisition.
  • Support marketing department to develop strategies and determine value-adding marketing channels accordingly to last campaign efficiency.

Commission Management

Agency Management System simplifies the process of commission claim:

  • Accountants will never miss any commission from institution partners with commission summary report
  • Providing commissions report for each application processed with utmost ease
  • Accurate snap shot of financial health of your organization across all branches.