Commission & Payment Management System

Automate operation and improve monetary process for healthy finance

Why your agency needs Commission & Payment Management System

When it comes to your commission and payment, automation is key to delivering dramatically improved productivity. The opportunity for accountants to be able to automate and improve their efficiency of their tasks and ability to manage the business monetary process opens the venue for agency growth. Commission and Payment Management System by EdMatrix adds in to your full growth potential.

Streamlining Payments
Managing Commission Claims
Payment Status Dashboard

Streamlining Payments

Payment streamlining by EdMatrix simplifies and eradicates issues in payment management. With payment information is displayed on the customer profile, you staff can easily get access to payment details of each client in a click and notify your clients if they miss any payment due dates. With this payment management function, agency managers are able to keep track on payment status across offices with Outstanding Payment status on main Dashboard.

Managing Commission

Manually recapturing institution partner commission claims requires your staff to go through all application reports. Moreover, there is possibility of overlooking some commission claims when dealing with large amount of records. EdMatrix commission management system streamlines all commission claims within your required time period. Reports are generated with real time updates so manager can check on agency financial health and counselors can ensure punctual payment of commission from institute partners.

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How EdMatrix enhances Commission Management

Payment Overview
Payment Status
Overdue Reminder
Commission Calculation Automation
Staff Commission Claims