Effective Lead & Client Management System

Systemise client data and improve customer service

Why your agency needs Lead & Client Management System

Acquiring new clients and motivating current clients returning to your business, improving word-of-mouth, being customer-focused are ways to grow your agency business in intense competition. Many non-marketing improvements within your agency can improve your image to potential and current clients. Customer Relationship Management by EdMatrix enhances interaction with leads and clients, improves communication and allows quick response to issues.

Enhance Interaction
Improve Client Communication
Quick Issue Response

Improved Customer Relationship with Effective Communication

Effective communication with your clients requires your counselors to be professional and personal at the same time. Managing your case note and data effectively when the long-lost leads come back or clients from years ago can be impressive to your clients. Customer relationship management by EdMatrix helps you to retrieve all related information and documents in a click of a button. This can help you win an immediate decision from clients and get more referrals from good service.

Keeping in touch with your customers and announcing them of critical stage of application to keep your clients in the loop because visa application can be stressing to them.

Interaction Records for Further Improvement

There is nothing worse than acquiring leads than losing them to competitors because of inefficiency such as lead and client communication abandon, data loss, etc. EdMatrix will free you from unnecessary burdens such as reminding appointments, customised email templates to clients. Now you can track progress, access to all documents, review tasks, retrieve note of each meeting and send email to client on one platform.

Documenting everything in client communication is one of the ways to get your clients feel your agency understand their case the most and motivate them to come back next time.

Timely Response to Issues

Because visa application is mentally draining for clients, they will remember and recommend you if you are quick to response to problems in their application. Close keeping track of applications and notifying clients with the process timeline are good start to impress your clients. Lead and Client management of EdMatrix updates education and visa application progress in real time. In the same platform, your counselors can connect with clients via email or phone call with all personal contact details.

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How EdMatrix enhances Lead & Client Management

Client and Lead Overview
Note Synchronisation
"Convert" Button from Leads to Clients
Unlimited Lead and Client Data
Data View based on Job Role