Education Application Management

Monitor workflow and improve staff productivity

Why your agency needs Education Application Management

The main difficulty facing education agency management is administrative and operational time and effort. With a great navigation for your time and effort, Agency Management System is a powerful tool for administrators in monitoring workflow, productivity and efficiency. Our system will become your right-hand assistant for Education Application Management, you will experience a significant reduction in time and effort to administration.

Our Education Application Management caters the diverse needs of different job roles from counsellors to manager. EdMatrix solution focuses on simplifying your application processing and giving users the autonomy to all the information on one single platform. Education Application Management by EdMatrix brings users responsiveness, clarity and confidence process cycle.

Documenting Everything
Task Tracking and Sharing
Reporting for Improvement

Documentation for effective Education Application Management

To maintain data safety, our cloud-based EdMatrix with instant auto data back-up you can have peace of mind using Education Application Management. To improve your agency performance, agencies need to document their procedure to recognize what works and what does not. To make Information exchange among employees more formal and recorded, we provide formal practice such as cloud-based storage of documents and informal practice such as note brief function so users can note down uniqueness of the case if it does not include in the template.

Standardising education application process and Task sharing

To improve your staff performance, it is essential to free them from the unnecessary complication. With Education Application Management function, application process is automated and standardised based on your unique business process, users are given autonomy within the business process permits still ensuring flexibility.

With standardisation, information exchange and task sharing become effortless. With a click of a button, manager can transfer applications of one staff to another if necessary attaching all important documents and note briefing.

Reporting to ensure efficient Education Application Management

Instead of having your staff spend half of her day to prepare weekly report on applications, EdMatrix make this step effortless. As each activity is recorded on the system, application is updated continuously, you can get access to education application list in a click of a button. Manager get access to overall performance of staff across offices. This reporting function caters overview and each case scenario in real time. Moreover, EdMatrix generates reports based on job role. Education Application reporting for counsellors helps your staff to get on top of their day-to-day work, prioritise urgent tasks and act as soon as issue occurs.

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