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Why your agency needs Migration Application Management

Migration is undoubtedly a daunting process for many of your clients. Being more familiar with the application system, migration agencies yet easily become inefficient handling many applications at one time. To simplify day to day task for counselors and fortify agency management, Visa Application Management by EdMatrix gives insight to the status of each application and lets you identify stages that are stalled. This feature empowers your counselors to take action whenever required.

EdMatrix drastically increases your migration application efficiency to out stand your competitors by giving three significant changes to your entire business:

Streamlining Application
Information Management
Record Keeping

Streamlining Visa Applications

Manually tracking visa application process by going back case by case is exhausting. It is even more mentally draining when issue occurs. Visa application management is an integrated tool for manager and counsellors to have a holistic view on entire agency efficiency in visa application.

Effective visa application management by Edmatrix helps counselors to track client’ progress effortlessly, recognise stagnation to take action accordingly in timely manner.

Effective Information Management

We understand client data safety is a legal requirement for migration agencies. Manually managing client’s documents can become a living nightmare when it comes to file lost or misplaced. As a cloud-based system, EdMatrix eradicates data loss issues by instant auto data-backup so authorised users such as managers can get access to client data anytime.

Edmatrix is not only resistant to data loss and insecurity but also empowers users with information management efficiency. Edmatrix aids in reviewing visa application summary of all applicants, counselors easily access each applicant’s information such as visa subclass, insurance type, marital status, etc. with attached documents in one platform.

There is no wonder that many migration agencies nowadays choose to store their data on cloud-based system.

Effortless Record Keeping

Managing education application and visa application is no easy work when client record is increasing. Synthetising all information in the last time meeting with clients to pick up work where you left off can be time consuming. These auxiliary tasks are not supposed to take you more than 3 minutes for each case. Visa application management streamlines all activities since first interaction with clients, keep records of each meeting, phone call, etc.

Visa application management by EdMatrix also reminds counselors of upcoming appointments, daily tasks with priority to keep application process moving forward. More conveniently, payment status is displayed for on each client dashboard and notify upcoming due dates.

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How EdMatrix enhances Migration Application

Systematic View of Client Data
Case Note Management
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